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  • bruening hizo un comentario,

    Thank you for your assistance. I've decided to adjust the viewport to a 3:4 aspect ratio to achieve a portrait orientation. I'll set the camera to a 27-degree angle and then zoom in on the object. ...

  • bruening hizo un comentario,

    Hello and thank you for the insightful response! I understand now that the Field of View (FOV) can vary significantly depending on the sensor size, even with a fixed focal length like 50mm. Given t...

  • bruening creó una publicación,

    Hello, I would like to set the camera's 'Field of View' in CLO 3D to match that of a 50mm lens camera. How can I achieve this? Thank you in advance for your help!

  • bruening hizo un comentario,

    It seems they forgot the '+' button to the right of the HDRI image. However, it still works if you press the blank space on the right side of the HDRI.UPDATE: In fact, there are two hidden buttons:...