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  • chelsea creó una publicación,

    I just found a way to make lettuce hem by using elastic! You can make this hem as long as the elastic ratio is bigger than 100! The steps are very simple that only adjust the elastic ratio value a...

  • chelsea hizo un comentario,

    I just tied the ribbon at the ankle to pretend it is connecting to shoes. haha!

  • chelsea creó una publicación,

    Hi guys! I just try how much CLO can do, even for Haute Couture. The lily of valley beaded Dior jacket is one of my favourites. The new render and human IK are very useful to make details on it!  ...

  • chelsea creó una publicación,

    Hi everyone! I am recently working on some denim and find some ways to make denim destroyed hole and raw hem of jeans. The result is quite good! What we need to prepare before doing it in CLO is t...