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2D or 3D master chart add all at once.


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    CLO Designers

    Componentes Larrosa SL You can add multiple images as Graphics. They would be applied one at a time, but you can adjust the layout and also copy/paste them.

  • pabloquintana

    I can't seem to understand your question. Can you elaborate or maybe share some images of what you're after?

  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    I mean the tool: Graphic (2D Pattern)

    Is there a way to add more than one image to each part of a garment?

    For example, choose several images with the tool: Graphic (2D Pattern) and add them to a sleeve of a T-shirt, or in other places of a garment by selecting several images.

    What tool should I use to be able to select multiple images and add them to each part of the garment that is similar to the Graphic tool (2D Pattern)?

    Thanks in advance.

    I expose you a video so that you know about the tool I am talking about:



  • pabloquintana

    You can add as many you'd like. They will be layered on top of each other. I don't think you can do multiple images at once, but go one by one.

  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    Thanks for the answer is what I needed to know.

    All the best.

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