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Annotation, Print layout, & Grading Suggests


  • rmanso

    Totally agree with shakeia13

  • ninaredman

    Agreed ! Especially the pattern annotation editing, that should be a basic feature. 

  • petiteivou

    Totally agree with shakeia13. These are important requirements as we work towards garments in real life.

    Note - cannot see where to vote for

  • US Designer Support

    Hi petiteivou

    thank you for your feedback. We are always working to improve CLO. There is no voting on our forums, but we do forward on suggestions to our Dev team

  • clarehampson

    Would like to add my support the request on this forum too, as I came looking for help with print layout today - 
    As well as adding a size label on to the piece print,
    Could I request that the scale and placement of text on export to pdf is also looked at? The annotations/comments on patterns are printing off the pieces, although they look to be sited in the centre of the pieces in simulation view, and pattern piece names are not scaled, often too large for smaller pieces, they come out missing or being cut off in the pdf print 
    Thank you

  • plumconsulting

    agree with all of the above!

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