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    CLO Designers

    Hi daour. This is easy to do;

    • File Menu --> Export--> Adobe (PDF)
    • Add name & note save location
    • Make sure no matter the unit of measure, the scale is 100%
    • Include any desired options
  • margottosca

    There are many days that I-ve tried to understand how to set the layout for print, because the printer see only an image. So I-ve gone in town and I-ve searched a place specialised and they told me that the width must be 90 cm, so I will try again these days and I will tell you the result. Me eather I dont realize how to set the layout for many A4. Another thing that I want to say is that if you want to make a snapshot, first you have to arange the paterns near as possible one to onother peace. 

    So, I am so competitive and ambitios to learn Clo3D! It-s never boring. 

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