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  • CLO Designers

    Hi Mleanong, 

    This is a great question. Once you have loaded your Avatar in the 3D window you can not move it with the clothes unless you are moving it to the center/ ground. A good work around that I would suggest is bringing in a the same avatar and in the popup window placing it exactly where you want it. You can then move your clothes using your gizmo to the second avatar and then deleting your first. 

    If you have any other questions please reach out! 

  • ngrasso

    Hi everybody!

    The best method to do this is to activate show avatar joints (used to edit avatar's position) by pressing shift+X or through Display>Avatar>Show avatar joints. Once it is activated there is a pink sphere at the waist which allows you to move the entire a avatar. Hope it helps!

  • US Designer Support

    Hi ngrasso

    Just wanted to let you know that there is actually a much easier way as of 7.0. Just R-Click on your avatar in the 3D window > Chose "Select Avatar & Garment" from the drop down menu. Both garment and avatar are now selected and you can use the Gizmo to move both together

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