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Problem with the simulation.


  • ottoline



    You can download into a separate (new folder) and still keep your old version (you can just log in and out of versions), maybe that's not a bad approach to rolling upgrades, I typically do that with all my software these days as it's a function of how developers now push out continual change, that some updates may have issues. That way you can always go back to an older install. It then places less responsibility on having to panic with a project knowing you have a belt+braces fall-stop position, with a cushion in place, should you need it, or until you have thoroughly tested the next upgrade. Place the software in a sandbox area until you decide it's production ready. That's how I attack all software updates - with caution and through process.


    Problems are all about the perspective >  Crossing the uncanny valley ! < not so much a 'problem' with technology but mastering a 'state of mind with perspective'.

  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    Thank you so much. I did what you told me and I put the previous version and it works perfect for me.

    When can you solve this bug?
    I ask only for curiosity and information for when I should update without having the same problem.

    Thanks again.

  • ottoline


    I tend to stick with a solid version whilst on a project, until I discover a feature bug slowing me down or preventing me working around it. I update almost immediately, but keep my production to my prior version, and run through their update log-file testing each new feature until I am satisfied I can switch over. So that process usually takes me a bit of time, and I find I usually switch over after a week from a new release or between projects > which ever is shorter. Often bug fix releases happen in a cluster, so I tend to wait a few days rather than dive in immediately with a new version - that 'wait and test ' period (and my sandbox) has served me well, and I am happy to report I have had no show stoppers yet. But that is maybe also based on my level of expectations perhaps. I think the last big issue I had was the avatar editor and sizing, but I simply decided to overcome those issue myself. So I suppose satisfaction is based on your level of ability to also jump over hurdles when they present themselves. I am pro-active with finding my own solutions to problems so that tends to keep me level headed. Each to their own.

    You can visit this page > < and always check out the latest version, and you can check in the log-file of the installed version for all the updates to features. There is also a handy Free CLO3D viewer for client-side down load on that page.

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