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Can I make a video or animate when I am rendering?


  • vadsura

    Shift-A will hide the visibility of the avatar. In the animation window, you can record a screen capture of your animation. (not render, just capture the screen and distort it into a video file)
    In the render window you can make a video rotating table or png sequence



  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    Thank you very much Vadsura was what I needed to know. I liked both ways of making a video and animation.

    I would just like to know, just one more thing: How can I save the recording of the screenshot of my animation and how can I save the rotating video or simulation table?

    Thanks again.

  • vadsura

    Try the intuitive method. In the animation section, try point 5. You may need to download a video codec if the system asks.

    In the render section, click play and the system will automatically render and save to the appropriate folder. By default in shared documents in the folder clo.

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