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Can I put more images or colors with the option of Graphic 2d or Graphic 3d Pattern?


  • danielemanassero

    Hi fran6757, you can put many imagas/graphics in the same part of a shirt ( even one in in top of another) but is not possible to turn on or off one of them, and you can handle them in colorway mode.( this is an improvment that has been request from many users)

    If you need to create more option of the same shirt with different graphics you need to save each one as different project. 
    I hope to have understood your question correctly.



  • pabloquintana

    My understanding of what fran6757 wants is to compose an image made of different images on the same part of the shirt. If that is the case, you could as long as they are not overlapping where they are not transparent. I would suggest you compose the images in Photoshop first and then import to CLO.


  • Componentes Larrosa SL

    Thank you danielemanassero and Pablo Quintana is what I needed to know. 



  • andraandzane

    fran6757 you actually could put a different graphic in each of your different colorways,

    no need for a separate clo3d project file.

    I suggest to watch this tutorial, it is explained there very well: 

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