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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Carl! Thanks for starting this conversation! I have a question! Are you planning on delivering CLO3D training outside of UK as well?

  • danielemanassero

    Hi Carl, welcome aboard.
    My name's Daniele from Italy.
    I'm a pattern maker and also a Clo user.
    The hardest thing is to apply 3D in the workflow.
    Designers tend to avoid everything is too tech and to close to patterns.
    Pattern makers in fashion are often considered B-workers.
    Soon industries will be looking for a new figure: 3D creator.
    Explain that to your student.


  • Amy Canavan

    Hi Carl!


    How exciting! Please reach out to our Europe Team (here) for specialized curriculum guidance. I'm a 3D Designer with our New York team; I work a lot with our University accounts and assist with curriculum building, implementation, and support, based on course needs.


    We have seen a massive need at the university level to teach tools like CLO, as many companies are using 3D heavily, and there is a dearth of skilled users at the entry level. 


    We host Academic Summits in the US and EU to foster more of an educational community. The A.S. is meant to give Professors some training in CLO to increase their proficiency & familiarity with 3D. In addition to getting to know each other and our Design Team, we discuss ways CLO might be implemented within an existing curriculum, or assist in building a new curriculum all together. Please let us know if you would like to be involved in the next one. 


    One of the obvious areas that has been straight forward to implement at the university level, is a CLO Course for Technical Design majors. As these tracks often focus on more technical & patternmaking aspects of fashion, CLO becomes a natural next step in their education. At the design level, CLO also can be very seamless to incorporate, as our UX feels like many of the other softwares designers are exposed to (adobe products etc), and can be used to quickly mock up samples in a risk free setting, with no material waste.


    CLO can also be an educational patternmaking tool, as you have a visual presentation of the pattern in 3D at all times, allowing professors to explain why we need to make specific pattern adjustments to achieve a desired silhouette. 


    Please don't hesitate to reach out! Glad you're here with us.


  • carlbartlett

    Hi all, firstly sorry for my late reply, I’ve been away.  


    Erica, I have delivered training outside the UK and would happily do so again, though I only teach in English.

    Daniele, hi from sunny Brighton in the UK.  Thanks for your view, its great getting an industry perspective on this. Please keep them coming, it’s good to quote current industry perspectives to students.

    I’m looking at this from the other side, design, and yes, understand what you mean from my time designing. I have also found there can be a disconnect between the Design room and the pattern/product development teams. The 3d software I have come across previously is mainly aimed at the product development teams which is great for pattern development, fit and reducing samples but does not always engage designers.

    Designing in 3D for me, I believe, is going to be a game changer in the fashion industry for both design and communicating with the pattern room. Yes, it’s going to be a new set of skills needed but we have a digitally savvy generation coming through that I know from experience will embrace this new way of working. As you mentioned designers now are not always eager to embrace new Tech, and this I have found out it can be for a number of reasons. This is going to be a harder task but If designers and product developers are both working in in 3D this can only help the whole process and ultimately develop its place in the workflow

    My main concern is making sure students are best equipped digitally for a changing design process, learning traditional 2D, (vector/ bitmap) while embracing the 3D and how best to communicate their ideas embracing both!

    As with any new technology or innovation we don’t always know where is will take us or what new jobs it may create, 3D creator even? but one thing for sure its going to be Interesting…

    Thanks Carl

  • carlbartlett

    Hi Amy, its good to be in contact. I’m in communication with the European team and already looking to get on this or the next academic summit. It will be invaluable as I’m just starting to get to grips with the application and would like to offer as this as soon as possible.  It will also be great to get other educators and industry perspective.

     I’m a visiting lecturer/Tutor (VL,VT) and deliver sessions covering a number of applications, fashion and textile, to universities in the UK. Yes, I agree the UX can be translated from the current vector software to the new 3D workflows and I’m interested in seeing how this works in practice. It may require a little more patience and practice though! I’m also interested in seeing how creative students can be without worrying about making costly mistakes and wasting fabric. Looking at fit, ergonomics and flow of fabrics. Plenty of benefits from a little harder work from the outset!

    Thanks once again for getting in contact. It will be good to get in idea how the US is embracing and using the software. Maybe in the future I could come to the A.S in the US

    Thanks Carl

  • Amy Canavan

    Hi Carl,


    Sounds great! If you're not already - follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn - as that's where we post a lot of our community events. 


  • lorna12456

    Hi Carl,

    I'm a little late to the discussion, 3 years! :(

    I was hoping to get a bit of advice about how you got into teaching Clo3D?

    I'd love to start teaching others within different sectors; fashion, animation, and architecture too but I only dont have any teaching background within Clo3d.

    How did you initiate your first job for teaching?

    Lorna :)

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