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Using a Tablet with CLO


  • Comentario oficial
    CLO Designers

    We have not done specific testing with other tablets, but with the User Setting Preset options and the ability to configure the input device, it should work just fine.

  • egeoran

    Can you use different Brand Tablets with the Program or only Wacom??? I couldn't find any informations about that anywhere. I just thought of buying a Huion Tablet to use this Program with it

  • pabloquintana

    I was about to ask about tablets and their efficiency when I saw your post in the list of old posts.

    My question to the broader community is: is the tablet an improvement to speed or precision when working with CLO?



  • danielemanassero

    Hi @dominika,
    can I ask you wich size of tablet do you use or in your opinion/experience is the minum size of the screen is needed to work comfortable with Clo?

  • pabloquintana

    Hello Daniele. Do you use a tablet with CLO? Curious to find out if it is better/faster.



  • danielemanassero

    Hello Pablo, No, I use a desktop computer.
    I had occasion to see people use CLO on a Wacom tablet around 26" size! Not the usual dimension one think about a tablet.
    In my opinion, the size of the screen must be big to have a comfortable visual experience.
    The speed depends on the hardware. Save money in hardware when it comes 3d is not a good idea in my opinion!
    If I do backpacking, I can't complain about the hardness of the bed :) 

  • Ana Belén Morales

    Hola, quisiera saber como configurar una HUION en Clo adecuadamente, ya que hay opciones que no me aparecen, o es compatible con WACOM solo? Gracias de antemano

  • Johanna Balzer

    Hey there, does anyone has experience with setting up an XP-PEN Tablet? I had, it worked fine and now after a update I can not figure out the settings anymore to pan. I can not pan. I don't know what to do. Either reprogramming the pen keys are working, nor do I find a workable key-cpmbination in the CLO User Settings for "XP-Pen". Mac Book Pro, Big Sur — April 2021

  • Johanna Balzer

    I found it and reply to myself : )The workaround, because reprogramming XP-Pen-Keys is not working well:

    XP-Pen (Artist Pro22) Pensettings: setting a hook at "Disable Key Funktions"
    CLO User-Settings: select X-Pen and then for "Pan": Alt + None + Right Mousebutton. It allowes me to Pan with Keyboard pressed "Ctrl" + "Alt" to Pan.


  • srsaeidi

    hi, can i use clo3d in ipad pro new version?

  • US Designer Support

    Hi srsaeidi

    Currently CLO will not run on an ipad. The Ipads use different OS than Mac computers

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