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    Hi haeunko, Welcome to CLO :)

    Leaning curve for our program really differs by each individual. Some people get it very quickly whereas some people find it quite difficult. If you are a quick learner, you may be able to finish our entire Lessons category within a week. Therefore, it is a bit hard for me to estimate exact time you need to spend to learn our program to professional level. However, let me guide you how you can start learning our program.

    1.  Please start out with watching and practicing our Lessons materials. You can download exercise files on the first page of Quick Start > Windows.

    2. Once you finish going through our Lessons, please practice draping different types of garments by difficulty levels.
             Here is the suggested order: simple t-shirt ▶ simple dress ▶ shirts ▶ pants ▶ jacket ▶ outdoor jacket

             Tip: If you don't have patterns, you can draft them on your own, or use the patterns you downloaded from the Lessons.
             If you choose to use the downloaded materials, try re-draping them after deleting all sewing lines. If you want more variety of patterns, please explore our Marketplace.

    3. Once you feel confident in draping garments in CLO, try redesigning them as favored. To practice thoroughly, I suggest you to choose a garment image from any search engine and try replicate the same design in CLO by using default patterns. If you need help in expressing details such as elastic bands, ribbons, lace-ups, and more, please refer to our video guidelines in Tips&Tricks, or if you cannot find what you need, please write up your question in our Q&A section. I'm sure other users will be eager to help you out!


    After going through all 3 steps above, you shall become a CLO expert!