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How to make a metal buckle in CLO


  • geniusbutton

    This is so great and helpful! Thanks a lot for sharing the tutorial as well as the asset! 🙂 What's the best way to add such a buckle to straps? Are there any best practices that you can share? 

  • widow99

    Actually I just made the buckle and I'd never added that to straps. But I think you can export this file to an OBJ file and then add that OBJ file as an AVATAR .

    After that there will be collision between the buckle and the starps. So the strap and the buckle will be hooked together.

  • minsoo

    I don't understand step 4 :( How can I set Set the Add'l thickness ?? I tried put 90 to Add'l Thickness-Render and It's not working :(

  • widow99 should toggle on the thick texture surface. 

    You can check this article to know what're the differences between these rendering styles.


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