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    You can definitely draft from a spec in CLO!
    First, check out the Garments & Patterns section of the CLO FAQ page to see a basic demo of how you would go about drafting a shirt. If you already know how to construct 2D patterns, then you can use the Create Pattern tools in CLO to draw your pattern shapes and internal markings. Then, you can edit them however you want with the Transform and Edit Pattern tools. Refer to the linked manual guides for more information on how those tools work.

    If you are not confident in drawing the patterns yourself, you can use the Flatten tool to extract patterns from the Avatar. To get closer to your specific body measurements, you can change the default Avatar's measurements. Before exiting the Avatar Editor, make sure you switch to the Arrangement tab and hit "Fit to Avatar" to make your Arrangement Points snap to the new Avatar measurements.

    Then, draw directly on the Avatar with the Flatten tool and the program will generate pattern pieces for you. 

    I hope this is helpful to get you started. Let me know if you'd like any more in-depth information! 


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    This is cool! Thank you Anh~~~~

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