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Increasing Avatar's Bust/Cup Size


  • Comentario oficial
    Permanently deleted user


    Thank you for the question. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust the chest itself for now...:( However, we are planning to further improve our Size Editor this year! 

    Meanwhile, if you need different Avatars, you may visit our Marketplace!

  • geniusbutton

    Hi @mmcva,

    Once for a better bra fit I created a fabric padding. I attached the pattern pieces to the avatar, added pressure and made them invisible. The result was pretty good!

  • Permanently deleted user

    @geniusbutton, did you use flattening tool to create the paddings?

  • geniusbutton

    @Erica, yes I used Flattening Tool to crate the form of the padding, then I used Line Avatar Tape to draw the lines on the avatar, where the padding is attached, and then I added pressure. I think this might be a good way to achieve all kinds of volume, not only for breast. :)

    Ps. Would be great if I could achieve symmetrical Line Avatar Tape positioning for more precise result. :)

  • innovativehjhj

    @mmcva, check out my post about adjusting avatars in 3rd party software and using it in CLO

  • allyshake

    I have been using this technique but not achieved the thickness @geniusbutton did. What fabric did you use? Also it would be really useful if there was a Convert Line (Avatar) to Avatar Tape tool. That way you could exactly match the lines drawn for the pattern pieces before flattening and then use the Attach to Avatar Tape tool with 100% accuracy. The simulation would then work seamlessly and the resultant pattern piece would be exactly where you drew it in the first place.

  • karvakasat

    Now after 4 years, there is still no good way to adjust the breast size..

  • babynad2k

    Hello. Is it now possible to increase just the cup size?

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