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Auto fitting error


  • US Designer Support

    Hi cloidstyleasy1

    It can be related to several things. 

    • First is to make sure you are using a CLO avatar or a custom avatar which has been properly registered with a fitting suit (which sounds like you are using a CLO avatar so you should be good there)
    • Next when importing the pattern make sure it is Arranged (using Arrangement Points) > Sewn > Simulated
    • From here you can delete the existing avatar and bring in a new one with a different size. Select all of the pattern pieces in 2D and click the Auto fitting button. you should be good to go

    As for fit maps there is more to it than that. Red does not mean bad (or no no) It just means that there is a lot of stress or strain on the fabric. 

    • Stress/Pressure Map is the force applied to the garment from the avatars body/shape, and gravity, and trims (things with weight). A tight garment will have more pressure than a loose garment. We can see this in our scale Blue is little to none. While Red is high pressure (RED is not bad Red is not wrong). If the garment is tight like a corset there may be lots of red, but a corset shapes the body so there would be pressure
    • Strain Map is a Percentage. How much stretch is being applied to the fabric when worn. Based on Gravity, the body. Red is NOT bad it just means a higher amount of stretch in that location. Many fabrics can stretch beyond 120%+++. You can click on specific points of the fabric to see how much it stretches. A tight legging made of knit may stretch a lot and show red

    Hope this helps!


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