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Slow Export PNGs


  • arcusag

    Ive been using the previous versions because this latest update seemed to brick the program, there are now for some reason no seam allowances on the print layout grading patterns for printing to add to the same .PNG issue im having as well. At this point im thinking im going to have to use an alternate software.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi rickychiang5

    For Custom Views for snapshots you can currently export up to 10 views in an .mvs file. It also usually only takes a few seconds to load the previews into the Snapshot preview window. Have you checked your computer against the recommended specs HERE as well as make sure that your computers graphics card is up to date?

    As for opening files it will depend on the size of the file and the speed of your computer, so we again recommend checking your computer specs. But also when opening a file with multiple color ways how complex is the style and how many colorways have you made? If the style is more complex (layers, maps, textures, can all increase file size) and you have many many colorways we recommend splitting this into multiple files to reduce the overall file size

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