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importing a 3d object to use as avatar for complicated bags exc.


  • CLO Designers

    hi c577f836655dc49dca1f

    Have you watched this video where the flatten tool is explained.

    Make sure to save your file as *obj. in order to import it in CLO3D. 

    In case this is still not working could you please share your file with us throught this link here.

  • c577f836655dc49dca1f


    I understand how the flatten works, the problem is that my obj file won't let me draw on it in clo as i want to, let me explain: 
    - I can draw a line on every flat serface, or curved surface, as long as the mesh of that surface is continual. so I cant draw a line that starts on a flat surface and continue to a curved surface.
    I'm exporting from solid works and there is no obj option, I tried a lot of option, best option yet is: 
    Make the solid body a mesh body in solidworks -save as solid xt - open on keyshot - save as obj - import in clo. 
    The problem still not fixed just little bit better, it makes the drawable area widen but still not continual. 
    I looked at an CLO 3D original avatar's mesh and I think the difference is in the mesh. the avatar's mesh is continual throughout the model, I think I need to know how to control the consistency of the mesh.  
    I think that would be the fix this.
    hope that can help for better understanding, if im wrong and somthing else is the problem I'll be happy to learn. 
    Thank you.
  • US Designer Support

    Hi c577f836655dc49dca1f

    We cannot assist with Solid works since we are not experts in that program. You may want to post to solid works forums as well. But yes the sha[e should be one solid continual object. Have you maybe tried Blender instead?

    But can you also add images of the OBJ in CLO to we can clearly see what is happening

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