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    Hi ahdrhqpfl,

    In CLO, fabrics cannot rip as in real life, they can stretch and the fit has to be determined via Garment Fit Maps. So you are correct this wouldn't happen IRL.

    The waistband is too tight where it is sitting, and the look can be relaxed and made more true to life by applying hires properties (Skin Offset of avatar down to 0, PD of the pattern pieces down to 5, and Add'l Thickness Collision down to 1). You can also apply elastic to the lower edge of the waistband, set it to 100, so it doesn't stretch out due to being sewn onto a line that is longer. When doing the latter, you can notice that the garment might change its position a bit while moving towards the smallest point of the waist.

    If all of these options do not fix the look, it might simply be that the waistband is still too tight by sheer measurement. In this case, if you do not wish to widen the pattern pieces involved, you can apply a fabric to the waistband that has high elasticity.

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