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  • CLO Designers

    Hi amfiai

    We have had no reports like this from users. What tool are you using to select with? Can you add screenshots so that we can see what is happening?

  • amfiai

    This is what happens and after that it crashes.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi amfiai It is hard too see exactly. Are you possibly trying to copy a shape of Internal Lines? If it is made completely of Internal lines you cannot copy, but need to clone as pattern

    Or if you could record your screen and post a video this would help. Or write out the full steps that you are taking so we can offer advice.

    If you do record your screen but cannot attach you can also send through our Contact Us Page 

  • sion2207

    I started a free month trail, but I can't log in anymore after logging in once because of error code:99. I've never had the program CLO on this computer and I would like to make use of my trail since I only got to use it one day. Can someone help me out please?

  • CLO Designers

    Hi sion2207

    The trial is limited to one user/1 device. We cannot assist on the Community forums for this type of issue. You will need to reach out directly through the CLO Contact Us page HERE

    If you have made more than one CLO account you will need to let us know this information to see if you qualify for the Trial still

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