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Performance and Rendering Issues on Mac: Seeking Advice for Hardware Configuration


  • CLO Designers

    Hi startyourengine

    For all the CLO3D Recommended Specs you can always look to this page HERE which is regularly updated with new information. Your RAM mentioned above is above the minimum, but below our recommended level. You also have not mentioned which OS you are currently using, but we always recommend updating to the latest.

    A computer that is configured and designed for 3D will usually perform the best. Many CLO users purchase high end gaming PCs with plenty of RAM and the newest graphics cards. But also when it comes to PC over MAC it is users preference. If you feel most comfortable in one that is always ok, but I can say that if you look more and more into 3D a PC does tend to be more commonly seen than a Mac

  • startyourengine

    Thank you! Your guidance is helpful. I think I will make the switch to a PC...

    Best regards,

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