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    Hi endion

    How to do garments look when you do not have everything strengthened?

    Strengthen is great for getting things into place, but not really meant to be applied to everything all at once. With it turned on the material is too stiff and likely trying to expand/pop out.

    Once the garment is built strengthen should be turned off. unless it is specifically needed.

    For your first screenshot you will want to make sure to use layering to layer garments one over another. But also make sure to leave some Collision turned on the pattern pieces since tightly fitted garments will collide otherwise. Or if you cannot see the lower garment in the 3D window then we would recommend not even including it since there will be lots off collision on tight fitting sleeves

  • CLO Designers

    Also if you are able to record a video of your screen and post we may be able to offer further help. Videos are best posted to our official discord channel

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