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  • CLO Designers

    Hi travisdesignerwork,

    Could you share your CLO ID with us?


    What is getting lost is the seamline's Normal Map. To keep it and have it be very visible, do the following:


    1. Main Menu --> Settings --> User Settings --> choose Alpha Blending.


    2. Switch to the UV Editor, then right-click into the empty space and choose "Fit All UV to 0-1":


    3. Export again, the settings marked are important:


    4. The normal map might not be that obvious at first when importing the OBJ, but you can adjust its intensity:


    You can learn more about the UV Editor here:

  • travisdesignerwork

    are there anyway to export as Mesh instead of Normal Map?


  • CLO Designers

    The shadows are created by the normal map of the seamline, so no, there isn't.

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