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  • CLO Designers

    Hi kz630713gmailcom,

    Could you share your ID with us? There is no info under this one.

    Please update to version 7.2 and share a screenshot of what you'd like to change about the look. It might be related to Particle Distance, Texture Image... It is hard to tell without seeing what is meant.

  • kz630713gmailcom

    Thank you for your reply email. I tried distributing the image, but is this image okay?

    I cannot upgrade to 7.2 due to hardware version issues.

  • CLO Designers

    Hi kz630713gmailcom

    It is hard to see since your 2D is small. But it looks like you need to add an additional Internal Line the the base of the collar. This like will act as the fold line and help to break up the mesh configuration so the collar will sold over smoothly.  Also it may help to apply a fabric from the CLO Library that has a bit more body/stiffness. The CLO default fabric is great for starting a project, but is very soft and drapey.

    These videos from our youtube may also help you 

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