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How to put a metal ring through eyelets


  • CLO Designers

    Hi a18021267,

    - The pattern pieces are colliding into each other upon introduction of gravity (turning on simulation). You can be able to prevent this by going down with both the Particle Distance and the Additional Thickness - Collision of all pieces involved:

    (Usually, it is recommended to choose a PD of 5 and ATC of 1 for high resolution, however, these eyelets and rings are so small, you can try with PD 0,8 (smallest possible value) and Collision Thickness of 0,5.)

    - For the metal pattern pieces, you should assign a separate fabric and choose the Physical Properties of Trim_Hardware for it.

    - You could also export the rings as OBJs and then add them in as hard objects, but as mentioned, the pattern piece only approach can be successful.

  • a18021267

    This worked! Thank you so much!!

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