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Library Quickview Preview Lags


  • CLO Designers

    Dear sacdesign,

    Does the issue persist if you unlink the folder from the library?

    You can also reset all library links by clicking this icon:

  • sacdesign

    Yes the issue still persist even after a Library favorites reset and after unlinking the folder from the library.

  • CLO Designers


    Have you tried un- and reinstalling CLO? I know it's a short hassle, but if the issue is gone afterwards, it's worth it. After uninstalling, locate the Assets folder and delete it completely under C:\Users\Public\Documents. Then reinstall CLO and all assets should be reloaded again completely. (I am unsure whether files included with the installer or hidden folders in here will be grabbed accurately if you only try with deleting and then reloading all assets.)

  • sacdesign

    I'm afraid I will continue to have this problem when I browse the folder of SBSAR fabric files again after re-installing, is there any known issue browsing folders with large library of files that CLO needs to hover quickview?

    I have a top of the line M1 Macbook Pro so I don't think this is a system issue.

    The folder containing the SBSAR fabric files is about 2GB big fyi

  • CLO Designers

    Dear sacdesign, we are inquiring with colleagues and will get back to you asap.

  • CLO TechSupport

    Hello sacdesign

    From a technical point of view, this preview-lag appears to be due to the nature of the Substance file itself, not to a system problem on your M1 Mac nor to the CLO software.

    Send us a link to the drive which containing your SBSAR files via Contact Us. We'll let you know after a closer look.

    CLO techsupport

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