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  • Duplicate as Mirrored Internal Line cannot be Extended to Pattern outline

    Looks like there is a bug with internal lines that are created via Duplicate as Internal Line where they cannot be extended to pattern outline. Extended to pattern outline does not error, it simply...

  • Library Quickview Preview Lags

    I downloaded a decent amount of SBSAR fabric files from the Adobe Substance 3D Asset library and added a folder containing them to my Library's favorites, but ever since then my CLO client lags whe...

  • Click Drag Right Click Makes Mouse Bug Out

    Clicking, holding and dragging an anchor point in a direction then right clicking to define a specific amount to move the anchor point causes a bug with my mouse not being able to click anything. T...

  • Garment is Floating

    I have looked at all the relevant posts about this and triple checked my settings that would cause an issue like this but still cannot figure it out. First example is a t-shirt I am following along...