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  • Hard edges on scene props

    Hello,  I am hoping someone has experience with this and can share their knowledge. I can't figure out how to make my diamond edges appear hard in CLO. Please see photos below. 

  • Retopology

    Hi everyone! I am curious, I don't see retopology in CLO3D? Does this mean that if you need to import this mesh into a game engine, like Unreal I should be making my patterns in Marvelous Designer ...

  • Rendering Material Issue

    I have the collision set to 2.5. What am I missing. The rabbit substance material always render like so. 

  • Zippers zipper fly and pattern piece layers

    Hello guys, I had forced the zipper flap to fold behind the zipper and everything seemed great. Since I've added the internal waistband the zipper fly is above my zipper when it really should be b...

  • Casings, Waistbands, general fold and stitch question

    hello, I can't seem to figure out how to stay stitch the waistband shut while also sewing it to the bottom of the skirt?   

  • particle distance

    I originally changed the particle distance to 7 but now I would like to continue to edit this pattern. I brought the particle distance back up to 20 but I keep getting these strange holes in the 3d...

  • Blend Points

    I have cut this pattern along the internal line. I am wondering what some of you would do from here to blend the two pattern pieces together?    

  • Sloper Patterns, Valentina, and WorkFlow

    Hi, I have been working through the youtube videos but would like to hear from others if they draft patterns in CLO or use something like Valentina for their pattern making? So far It seems Clo is ...