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  • Suggestion: set the seam allowance width

    I think it would be great if it was possible to set the width of the seam allowance and make it stay until I change it to another value, instead of it switching back to default 1 cm every time I se...

  • Set sublayer on seams.

    Hello! Has anyone used Set sublayer on seam? I struggle to understand the situation you would need to use it, can anyone give me examples when this function is necessary? Here is the description of...

  • Animation render question

    Hello! I have been trying to render animation and got a couple of problems. First, is it even possible to record a part of the animation? I moved the sliders and set the start and end frames, but o...

  • Render stops during turntable render

    During render Clo seems to just stop. It wouldn't be a problem if there was a timeline and the render could be resumed, unfortunately there is no way to restart it. Sometimes it doesn't just stop, ...

  • Buttons disappear during simulation

    In 6.1 my buttons seem to disappear during simulation and randomly as well. They reappear when I select them in Object browser.

  • How to cancel Clo-Set?

    I received an email saying that if I continue using Clo-Set after my free trial ends, it means that I have opted in and I will be charged. I would like to opt out, but I can't find how to! I emaile...

  • How to remove all light in render scene?

    It used to be possible to delete a dome light and with it to remove all ambient light. I need to start with a completely dark scene, but I found that in Clo 6 dome light is no longer selectable and...

  • Fur base map tiling

    I have created a simple image that I wanted to use as a base map, but when I apply it, it is tiled. Is there any way to change the type of this tiling to block? I want the black circle in the middl...

  • Remove additional nesting patterns

    Does anyone know what it does? I can't find any information on this feature.

  • In which cases would you use Dart with Fullness tool?

    I'd like to know if you find this tool useful and how do you apply it to your patternmaking? Thank you!