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  • Style line window pops up

    Hi everyone! Suddenly when I go to show style lines, a Style line window pops up with the options and I can't get rid of it. If I close it. style lines disappear. The window stays on screen even if...

  • Dart to gathers

    Is there a way to "fill" the dart and turn it into gathers instead?

  • Ai and Pdf are no longer recognized?

    Half way through my working day today Clo stopped accepting my ai and pdf files. I have been importing these files into Clo successfully for months, but today something has changed. Has anyone had ...

  • Bust size adjustment

    It would be very helpful if avatars had adjustable bust size. Being able to adjust the buttocks' projection would also be fantastic.

  • Splitting zipper

    Has anyone had an issue with zip rendering split? I have deleted, redone and everyting was fine, once I get to rendering it is split again?

  • 3D graphics (emboss).

    Yesterday I saw something here about making a graphic appear 3D, embossed. For the life of me I can't find it today, or find the options in clo. Please help, how do I do it?

  • Hands in pockets

    I've been trying to create avatar pose where it has a hand in a pocket and I just can't do it. Whether the hand goes through the clothes, or the sleeve starts behaving strangely when close enough t...

  • Serious issues with render in 5.1

    I have been trying to get a quality image out of Clo with no luck. No matter what settings I put in, my image is grainy, but on top of that my buttonholes render above the buttons and the topstitch...

  • Fabric does not change in 3D window

    Some of the fabric changes apply to 2D, but literally nothing changes in 3D, so I have no idea what effect the changes produce? What am I missing? I am working on Mac.

  • How to select multiple lines on 2D pattern on Mac? Shift click does not work.

    Help please!