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  • Black image on black fabric shows white outline

    Hi, I wonder if anyone had to deal with this. I am trying to create an embossed effect using displacement maps. I have black lettering on transparent background and I want to put it on black fabric...

  • Mesh tangle during animation

    Hello Clo gurus! I am hoping you can help me. I have imported an animation into Clo, the avatar brushes past her hip with her hand as she walks. The problem is that she picks up the mesh off the cl...

  • Is there a way of switching off the orange appearance of the strengthened and blue of frozen pattern pieces?

    I am looking for a way to freeze or strengthen a piece without it being blue or orange in the preview, is this possible? Thank you!

  • Background texture not showing in render preview on Mac

    As per title, my background doesn't show any texture in preview on Mac. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Set sublayer on seams.

    Hello! Has anyone used Set sublayer on seam? I struggle to understand the situation you would need to use it, can anyone give me examples when this function is necessary? Here is the description of...

  • Clo 5.2 runs as a trial?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has this. I am trialing 5.2 and it keeps warning me about my trial ending soon. Is it true that it will stop working after this trial is over? Where do I...

  • Base shapes in 5.2 version

    Can anyone tell me why one would use base shapes instead of internal shapes? What are the advantages of them and why would we need them as a separate button?

  • Animation render question

    Hello! I have been trying to render animation and got a couple of problems. First, is it even possible to record a part of the animation? I moved the sliders and set the start and end frames, but o...

  • No turntable video option?

    I use Clo on Mac and today I discovered that I have no Turntable video otion at all. Does anyone know why that is?  

  • Avatar sinks into stage

    It seems that every time I try to animate, my avatar sinks just below the ground level and, subsequently, into the stage. Can anyone give me a clue how to stop it from happening? Thank you.