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  • PC hardware particle distance of 5.

    Hi! what Hardware (PC) would you recommend me to buy, to get seamless workflow in particle distance of 5 or lower?  would a i9 with 64gb ram and RTX 3090 do it?    Best regards      

  • Missing topstitch

    Hello! I get this message, what shall I do? I have not moved Clo.    Some part of the file cannot be compressed. The file has the risk of damage when textures applied to CLO are either deleted or m...

  • Garment in 3D window looks dark

    Hello!  After I have updated Clo my garments looks as there is no light in the 3D view window.  Garment looks dark.  What Can I do?    Best regards Fredrik 

  • Cant create a portfolio?

    Hello Don't know what's the problem, but I can't create a portfolio, I have activated the account thru E-mail but it still don't work. It just say that I need to active my account thru e.mail.:/  P...

  • Sublimation print layout

    How do I prepere the patterns for sublimation print like below? where both textures and artwork are placed at each pattern peace. In Print layout it dont show if artwork is placed on top of texture.

  • Catwalk and background pictures

    How can I load a catwalk in motion? not the Avatar motion, but background? does Clo provide any catwalk set?   When render a image how do I set a image background drop?    Best regards Fredrik