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  • Transform Fabric of Piping

    I can't seem to edit the fabric of Piping, I have attached the image As you can see Piping looks bad I want it similar to the flow of print on the  T Shirt  

  • Create my own Modular Patterns

    Hey, I'm working on project where I need to keep switching between various styles of collar and sleeve. I realized Modular Configurator would be of a great help to me. Is there way I can add my pat...

  • Auto Grading

    Can CLO do auto-grading of patterns?I mean can CLO give the pattern in various sizes if I select the pattern in 2D Window

  • Light Setting

    I'm trying to save the position of my light controllers but the CLO isn't saving them. They are being saved in .cpt format. I click on save but once I try to open the file isn't there.

  • Mesh Fabric

    Hey, Can anyone help me where can I get mesh fabric? I tried CLO Marketplace, couldn't find it there. Will I have to create a file on Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop?

  • Polo Collar

    Hey I couldn't make placket for Polo T Shirt. I was able create the collar. I wasn't able make the placket for it.  

  • Waist Band

    How do I create these kind of Waist Band? I tried but I got these loose fabric in between. I want proper tight fitted Waist Elastic Band

  • Pattern being missing

    I've made a pattern on AI and when I load the AI file on CLO. Hood's pattern is missing.I tried adding that pattern separately but CLO says Unsupported file. Says I need to create Compatible PDF fi...

  • Collar Pattern

    How to make a collar pattern in CLO? I have the body and sleeve patterns ready. And I don't know how make patterns  

  • Pockets

    I wanna sew Kangaroo Pockets on a T Shirt. I can't seem to get it how? Can anyone share a video regarding the same?I want to learn how to sew over Front Panel or any fabric.