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  • sorry, what's the solution....? I don't have an answer....thanks!!!

  • Dear all,  I have the same problem with Substance fabrics. The I get transparent garments and no matter what I move in the Property Editor, there's no way the fabric will show through.  Any solutio...

  • And another issue, when I add a chest embroidery in my sweater and I add Displacement Map, the logo disappear.. check my pictures. Do you know anyway to add Displacement and and not to lose the log...

  • I have the same doubt, How can I create a thick fabric like a knitted fabric? I am looking for a thicker jumper...and my final renders looks so thin..

  • Me the same!!! how can I close in the other computer..? 

  • I'm going to try everything, thank you very much for the videos and the Pixplant is downloading! you are the best!! :)

  • Hello, do you know where I can buy some fabric textures? I want a white Rib with a blue line... its simple but I read all the post and for me its impossible jejeje Thanks a lot!

  • Hello! I have a question.... what can you use the html files that are generated for? I've tried to share them and no one can see them, what use are they? I work with people who don't know anything...

  • Hello danielemanassero,    thanks for your prompt reply!  I find some good animations in Mixamo...but too short... I need longer to enter in the stage of clo... How do you think I can do that??   T...

  • Good morning, thanks for your helps, always helping :) I'm creating a collection of children, but I can't find any motion for them to walk around like the adult avatars. Do you know where I can bu...