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  • Export notches only on seam allownce

    Would it be possible to introduce a feature when exporting patterns from CLO to only export the notches attributed to the seam allowance rather than the internal lines as well.  This would just red...

  • 3D Pen (Avatar) not being shown

    Hi, Have recently done the update to CLO 5.0. When I save the project, close down CLO and then re-open the project I can no longer see the 3D Pen Avatar lines that I had drawn. I never experienced ...

  • Single Seam around an arm

    I'm using the 3D Pen (Avatar) + Flatten functions to create garments. For the legs and arms I would like to only have a single seam.When drawing this onto the avatar and using the Flatten function ...

  • Notch Length Greyed Out

    In notch properties the length is greyed out and I'm not able to change the value. Thanks, Ryan

  • Sewing indicators

    Hi, I was just wondering, when viewing seam lines in the 3D Window with the Edit Sewing tool activated, if there is any significance to when 2 indicators are visible as opposed to 1? Thanks, Ryan

  • Bezier Curve Points and Curve Points

    When using the flatten feature to generate pattern outlines, it will do so using curve points. Is there a way to convert each segment so that it uses bezier curve points with handles, such as when ...

  • Aligned to grainline

    In the simulation workspace is there a way to make the patterns vertically aligned to the grainline, without manually rotating them? Thanks, Ryan

  • Flattening - Seam Lengths

    Hi, When using the flattening feature the patterns produced often have different seam lengths. Is there a way to ensure that 2 adjoining edges have the same seam length? Or is there a way to lock a...

  • Flatten Feature

    I am trying to design close-fitting garments within CLO using the Flatten feature. However whenever I use this feature the garment automatically offsets itself from the surface of the avatar. What ...