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  • 5.2.142 Shortcut Alt+1 or 2 or 3, etc. not working

    These shortcuts are not working after installing 5.2.142

  • Has anyone tried TG 3D Studio (

    I just came across a customer that tried this software in the past and concluded it was not good enough for what they were after, so they switched to CLO (yeay!). Nonetheless it peeked my interest ...

  • Creating an Absolute Beginners and Intermediate Online Course - Your feedback requested

    Hello Community. I have been learning a lot about 3D modeling using online training, either paid on Udemy or free tutorials on YouTube. So, I decided we need an Absolute Beginners CLO3D course and ...

  • Anyone rendering outside CLO and using a Colorway type of solution?

    Hey Community. We are taking our bag renders to the next level for this customer. We will add props (candles, bottles, lotions, etc.) and we are testing taking the bags as OBJs to Blender, 3DS Max ...

  • Importing more complex V-Ray materials into CLO

    I am creating some wax candles in 3DS Max with V-Ray materials. Wax has some translucency, which doesn't match with any of the material types preset in CLO. Has anyone imported other items into CLO...

  • Modeling 3D zipper teeth in Blender and importing to CLO

    Hello there. I have been working in Blender modeling the zipper teeth and then using a simple process, adding the zipper to the zipper tape in CLO. I will make a video of the whole process, but mea...

  • CLO's Fabric Kit - Digitizing service or DIY version

    Hello Community. I have been getting some requests about very specific fabric simulation properties, and I keep coming back to the CLO Fabric Kit. I know it is about $5,000 for enterprise users alo...

  • CLO to make Rugs

    Hello community, We are evaluating CLO to make rugs for a furniture company where the renders will include pre-made settings like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. The alternative is 3DS Max, but being a C...

  • Equivalent to "Group" objects

    Hello guys! I wish you a wonderful 2019 and looking forward to test v5.0.   Is there an equivalent "Group" function where all grouped objects only move together? Maybe someone found a way or someth...

  • Turned seams not pulling pieces being attached

    I noticed that turned seams do not pull the pieces together when simulating. Is a bug or my version?   .