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  • .obj from a scan not opening when importing???

    I tried to open an .obj from a 3D scan of a fabric, but I cannot open in  other .obj files before I never had a problem    

  • fabric disappears

    When I add the main fabric of the skirt the fabrics from the top layers (bands) disappear. I tried already to work with layers, place upfront, thickness collision, and rendering. Nothing works. Als...

  • rendering texture wrong

    I get strange results after rendering for the texture of the fabric. I made already different versions of 3D maps but cannot get it right. Strangly in the previous version I never had this problem....

  • Imported fabric - lines in the middle of the fabric

    When I import one of my created fabrics, I get lines where the program seems to merge "blocks'. How can I get not these lines?  I created already the fabrics at the size of the pattern piece and th...

  • configuration

  • Displacement maps - rendering white

    Hi, when I render with the displacement map for the fabric, there is no image anymore after rendering. The fabric is an Xtex file and I add the displacement map associated with this file. When I re...

  • Kaledo Weave - Lectra

    How can I import fabrics created with Kaledo Weave (Lectra) dirrectly? Is it possible to create a plug-in like the one for XTEX files? 

  • Layers over padding

  • fringes

    Does anybody knows how to make fringes as a border on a garment or scarf