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  • Render freezing when left un-attended

    I sent my computer to render a runway animation and it froze at the first render for more than 1 hour. I had to click the screen for it to start rendering again. This is the 3rd time I had to do it...

  • Live update not working

    Hello All I am getting this message and I can't tell if the update "actually" failed.

  • Converting Avatar with FLAT FEET on the floor

    Looks like there is only the option to convert to an avatar with the AVATAR selection only in heels. MOST body scans are done with flat feet on the floor. Is there any workaround for this or will ...

  • Product upgrade suggestions :)

    Hello Team, I have been using CLO since CLO3 - There have been tremendous enhancements and things are constantly getting better. I also have some varied suggestions that can make users life a littl...

  • Changing Pattern with new Avatar size

    Is there a way to change the pattern to autofit a new size avatar - as with parametric design? (as in making a sample size 6 fit a size 10 without grading Is there a way to link seam links so that ...

  • is render totally disabled in 5.0.162

    I know that the render for your avatars is not enabled but I can no longer render MDD files in the animation this correct I am trying to animate... the MDD works but not the cloth wit...

  • Render Crashes Render via CLOSET not accessible

    5.0.100 - render keeps crashing the program. I have a GFX1080ti I am only running one other program. Even if I close the program render crashes I am getting HTTP 500 error when I try to render via ...

  • Trouble right click and Left click options disabled

    All of a sudden my right click options are not showing. This happened after I imported a PDF/AI pattern. All the settings look correct and I even went as far as resetting my user options and restar...

  • Default Fabric

    Hello Clo Community, Is there a way to change your default fabric? If I want to create my own or use the MUSLIN fabric as a draping standard?

  • Avatars in 5.0 - Changes

    CLO TEAM, about the Avatar.... (?) why are the old avatars A & B not editable? Do users know this? What if you are working on Avatar B in size 12 for all your projects and you switch to 5.0 will us...