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  • Your Favourite 4.0 Feature

    V-RAYYYY YAAAYYYY!!! Can't get enough of this new renderer. Brilliantly simple, hence simply brilliant! What's your favourite new 4.0 feature??       

  • Styling

    What can't you do in CLO? 👀 I found this so interesting, will definitely try out some more complex garments and share the results. Anyone interested in sharing your best styling work? ⭐️

  • 3D Zipper Teeth

    Some realistic looking zipper teeth - all done in CLO - created the zipper teeth in CLO as a pattern ,exported as obj, registered the obj as a custom button, and added the teeth to a pattern piece ...

  • Production-Ready

    yiiiiiis, this is so great!! 💪 has anyone already tried to grade more complex styles directly in CLO?

  • Steam Tool

    How to get the perfect T-Shirt collar - put some steam on it. 🔥