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  • SBSAR material metallic

    I added custom sbsar material in CLO. Metallic does not work in CLO. Checked on materials from the clo library, metallic does not work tоо. Neither in the preview of either render. In CLO it looks...

  • Substance maerials in Clo 6.0 beta.

    The test version has been updated.The sbsar is now working.But I can't move the texture on the pattern and I can't scale. This is a bug and it will be fixed or so it will be.Only texture rotation w...

  • CLO 6.0 bugs report

    I have been submitting 3 bug reports for version 6.0 already. But they are in a submission state. Animation Submit. Are you getting these reports? Where, to which office to send? I have sent to Kor...

  • Open Beta coming soon!

    Hello. It seems to me that the pause with the presentation of version 6.0 did not take too long. Indicate approximately specific dates. I don't want to miss the beginning. Two weeks later, it doesn...

  • Side fabric. Clo ver. 5.2

    Unfortunately, I cannot choose another fabric for the fabric side. This was a very useful feature in previous versions. Why did you remove this opportunity? Maybe this can be fixed in the settings?

  • Ver 5.2 Icon edit????

    edit buttonWho came up with hiding all the basic icons for editing? This person probably has a doctorate in ergonomics. Urgent dismissal without severance pay.Return everything as it was in version...

  • Compatible with PBR Material

    This is a new feature 5.2. I have not found import of sbsar material anywhere. So I just dragged the sbsar file onto the pattern. Everything works. But there is no big question.How do I adjust the ...

  • Automated Download and Installation of New Patch Versions

    I saw this in beta test 5.2I think in the settings should be turned off automatic updates. Sometimes a new version works with new bugs. I have an iron rule. "No updates until the project is complet...

  • Clo 5.1 problem.

    I have problemwith Property Editor Topstich. Window is empty. When adding a topstich, sometimes very rarely appear properties. When I select with the pointer, the properties window is empty. Do I h...

  • Guidelines

    Next time has included rulers and Guidelines in 2d a window, and has once again made sure that they cannot use. Guides should help, not interfere.If you don’t have a team who used corel draw in the...