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  • Grading isuue

    I'm having a problem with grading.Any time I reset the value in a point and input a new value the grading in the segment before and after becomes a mess.I know that grading values are added automat...

  • Loading an .avs file problem

    Goodmorning to all,After installing today update: 6.0.520 (r32771) it seams that it's impossible to load an .avs file in the avatar editor, nor one create in a previous version neither one create w...

  • Two methods for debossing-engraving

    I tried two methods to create a debossing/engraving effect.The first has a more traditional workflow.Create a piece and draw the internal shape you want to debosse/ engrave, duplicate the pieces an...

  • April 24 update failed to complete

    Has anyone had this issue trying to update the last realize?It goes till around 98% then the below message error pops up. Thanks. Daniele

  • How to create topstitched eyelet for belts.

    First, create the png image of the topstitch. You can start from the Clo default topstitch image. Open it on a graphic software( I used Photoshop)  Rotate the image 90° and reset the frame dimensio...

  • How I used fur preset raw edge denim to create a fabric texture

    With the new fur option of Clo 5.1, you can easily create raw edge textures!   Below the png fabric texture And this applied in this project on the jacket For the denim fabric in this project, I...

  • How I used a topsthtich to create a bracelet

    I just wanted to share how I created a bracelet very quickly just playing with the topstitch values and the material type.In the image below my setup.

  • pattern name

    I use patterns names that are longer than the name field in the property panel.It is possible to make it longer so I can read the full name at once? Thanks Daniele

  • Problem translating between customer pose,

    Hello developers team, I create a couple of poses for Male_Thomas and saved them as pose file. Everything is fine till I used them in another project. I add the avatar to the workspace in the atten...

  • How to create a label

    I created my own label using the chainstitch option.First, create a small rectangle( my is 7 x 2,5 cm )Second, draw an internal shape to the rectangle.For this project, I imported a scanned signatu...