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  • Topstich used as embroidery issue

    Greetings I am trying to make a rendering of a logo with embroidery using multiple close topstich lines. I do undertstand it is not the most realistic way (vs Adobe Substance that I do not have) ho...

  • Button placket rendering challenge

    Greetings I am facing a continous challenge when I am simulating buttons placket .I cannot tell why but the simulation took me ages and the below is the best result I could get to date : the placke...

  • Zero waste pattern - Much waste in nesting

    Greetings - I am working on a zero waste pattern as per the 2D window below. When I am doing the nesting the output  (buffer spacing 0, 1,2 or 3 ways for grainline) is 66% consumption. I could move...

  • Sewing do not happen / has disappeared

    Greetings - I am trying to make my firts bag (usually doing garment) and I face unusual challenge. The sewing does not happen at simulation time. But the piece get together though. Any idea/tips on...

  • Grading view suggest

    Hello When grading is complete, would love to be able to display only selected sizes. In order to check the quality of the grading, it would help to compare each size with base, and each size with ...

  • export graded sizes as a nested pattern

    It would be much help if can we have export coloured graded sizes as a nested pattern! Would make workflow so much faster! Currently the turn around is to export 2D window as .dxf (keep grading) an...

  • POM problem - measure shows 3D line lenght vs 2D

    Hello I am executing a POM on a pant. The hipline measures comes up as 137,07 cm ( which is indeed close to the 3 D line lenght of 138,45 while the lenght I am expecting to see in the POM tab is th...

  • Grading dart issue

    Hello team and everyone In a process to grade a skirt : I am trying to grade a dart (created via add dart) - it consists here in moving all points for a value of 0.5 cm. Somehow on one piece when I...