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  • Closet connect OBJs

    Hi, I was wondering, can I sell accessories done in Blender in Closet-Connect? I did a purse in blender, and other accessories, but I dont know how to upload them into Connect

  • Fabric Thickness when applying UV MAPS.

    Hi! I'm having a problem and I need help. I needed to get a raw edge on a t-shirt. So I used the UV editor that worked just fine. But the thing is there is no thickness in edges, looks like there i...

  • I need to get a used and wasted fabric look

    Hi! I need to get a wasted edge on Rib. like this photo:   For the moment, this is what I got using opacity map for the little holes, and raw edge texture: I need to get high quality in this detail...

  • How to go from Clo .ZPRJ file into .ZACS file ?

    Hi, I have designed a pair of glasses with CLO. I want to save it as an ZACS file because I want to sell it in clo-set connect, and they have rejected me before because an accessory should be ZACS ...

  • Help! I can't show my HDRI background because there is no "show" option

    Where is the show option to show my HDRI background? When i press on lightening, I go to dome, and I attach the HDRI file, but can't manage to show it. I'm in my trial version 7.1.318.