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  • Play Motion

    List of Contents    Pose Motion    Objective Play Pose(*.pos) or Motion(*.mtn) files.  Location Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Play Motion 2D Toolbar ▶  Play Motion Operation  Pose Open a Pose file. → Wh...

  • Realistic Knitwear Designer (ver 2024.0)

    Objective  Create realistic knitwear with a variety of stitchings.   Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Property Editor ▶ Material ▶ Type ▶ Knitwear   Operation Select the tool/menu in Location.  A...

  • Washing File (JEAN) of Jeanologia Import/ Export

    List of Contents  Import JEAN File Export JEAN File    Objective Import a washing file(JEAN) of eDesigner, which is an application of Jeanologia offering laser washing solution, and apply it on a g...

  • What has changed in the Colorway Editor in CLO 7.3?

    Question What has changed in the Colorway Editor in CLO 7.3?   Answer In CLO 7.3, creating colorways has become more diverse and easier compared to previous versions. You can now create colorways w...

  • Graphic Properties

    List of Contents Properties Options   Objective  Set the graphic properties. Location 2D Toolbar ▶   Transform Graphic Operation Properties  Graphic Style  Object Browser ▶ Click a graphic style i...

  • Zipper Slider/Stopper Properties

    Objective Set the Zipper Slider and Stopper properties.   Location 3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move  Operation Select the tool/menu indicated. Select a Zipper or Stopper created on a 3D Garment and ...

  • Edit V-Ray Image/ Video Properties

    Objective Configure image/ video properties depending on the final output of the rendered 3D Garment. LocationRender Toolbar ▶  Image/ Video Properties ▶ Property Editor   Operation Click the ...

  • Auto Convert to Face (ver 7.3)

    List of Contents Open Generate Apply   Objective  Create the portrait image just by entering keywords or upload it directly and instantly convert it to an avatar's face. 📝 Note: Auto Convert to ...

  • Nest Patterns

    List of Contents Nest Pattern Stop Nesting  Nest Settings  Reset Default Arrangement Snapshot     Objective Efficiently layout patterns and check fabric consumption to use the least amount of fabr...

  • Convert to Curve Point

    Objective Easily convert Segment Points on the patterns to Curve Points, or Curve Points to Segment Points   Location 2D Toolbar ▶ Edit Pattern or Edit Curve Point   Operation Select the too...