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  • Register Hair/Shoes

    OBJ production Register   Objective Register the Avatar's Hair/Shoes as an accessory file(ZACS).   Location Main menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Register Hair/Shoes  Operation OBJ production When making OBJ in oth...

  • User Interface

    Objective  In the user settings, change the basic settings of the software menu at your convenience. When restarting the software, it runs based on the environment you set. User Interface can be ...

  • Edit Measurement

    Objective Edit avatar measurements.    Location Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Measure Tab  Operation Follow the indicated guideline below:Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Avatar Editor ▶ Measure Tab → ...

  • How much is the Fabric kit?

    Question How much is the Fabric kit?   Answer A Fabric kit is an ancillary service provided only to companies that purchased CLO for Business. The company must purchase the Business license before ...

  • HASP driver settings for CLO offline-auth products

    The Latest HASP driver download (updated June 2022) Mac: Linux: Windows:

  • Slash & Spread

    List of Contents Slash & Spread Fullness (Line)   Objective Slash and spread a Pattern at a particular point or spread a particular area evenly based on selected segments.   Location Main Menu ▶ 2D...

  • Double-Sided Surface

    Objective  View the front and back of the 3D Garment or Avatar without setting the fabric rendering style as Thick Textured Surface. ※Note: This feature is only available in ver3.2.0 and below. Loc...

  • [Mode] Animation

    Objective Record garment animation. Location Main Menu ▶ Change the mode at the top-right corner ▶ ANIMATIONOperation Follow the indicated guideline below:Main Menu ▶ Change the mode at the top-ri...

  • Physical Property Detail Setting

    Adjust each item of the detailed settings to express Physical Properties not included in Presets. Each property mutually affects one another and a Garment's physical property is expressed by combi...

  • Fold/Sew Pleats

    Objective Create a variety of pleats, fold and sew them (ver2.3.0). Location Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Pleats ▶ Pleats Fold / Pleats Sewing2D Toolbar ▶ Pleats Fold / Pleats Sewing Operation Pleats...