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  • Automatic Rigging & Converter

    Conver to Avatar Custom Rigging   Objective Add joints or convert user data to CLO avatars and use CLO Avatar Editor. Location Main Menu ▶Avatar ▶ Auto Convert to Avatar Operation Convert to Avata...

  • Register Avatar Accessory(7.3)

    Objective Register an avatar accessory file or convert a pattern into an accessory.   Location Main Menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Register Accessory Operation Open the CLO avatar file. Click the tool/menu indi...

  • Slider/Puller/Stopper OBJ Registration

    Create OBJ Register OBJ    Objective Register your own OBJ file as a Slider/Puller/Stopper.   Location   Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Zipper ▶ Register OBJ Property Editor ▶ Shape ▶  Operation Create OB...

  • 7.3 New Feature List

    New features and improvements for CLO 7.3 are as follows. Click to access the desired manual.   Key Features CLO Fabric Creator AI Texture Generation Linked Editing   Other Features File FBX fi...

  • Review Mode: How to use the Review data which saved in version 6.1 be used in version 6.2?

    Question Are the Review Mode data (3D status info) saved in version 6.1 or earlier compatible with version 6.2?   Answer From version 6.2, the simulation results by size have been improved to be ap...

  • 7.2 New Feature List

    New features and improvements for CLO 7.2 are as follows. Click to access the desired manual.   Key Features New Modular Library Soft Body Simulation Camera Animation New Elastic Presets   Ot...

  • Bill of Material

    Objective Estimate cost per the number and price of fabric, buttons, and buttonholes. Location Main Menu ▶ Editor  ▶ BOM Operation Select the indicated menu. → The mode is converted to BOM.   Sele...

  • Edit Grading

    List of Contents   Move Right Click the pop-up menu   Objective  Edit the grading size applied to the Pattern Watch tutorial video I Align Grading Pattern & Edit Each Size with a Tool Location Main...

  • Trace as / Convert to Internal Shape

    Objective Use the Trace function to convert selected lines/shapes or areas into Internal Lines/Shapes.  Location3D Toolbar ▶ Edit 3D Pen (Garment) Operation Follow the indicated guideline below:3D...

  • Texture Generator (ver 7.1)

    List of Contents Open Texture Select Area of Texture Set Options Save Texture Image Apply Texture   Objective Seamlessly generate texture maps with scanned or captured images, and check the resul...