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  • Simulation

    List of Contents Simulation Activate Simulation Simulation Presets Interactive Simulation   Simulation - When the Simulation is activated, gravity will be applied to the 3D Window and patterns w...

  • CLO Viewer - Mode

    CLO Viewer provides total of two Modes: Simulation Mode (3D Window display options & navigation) and Colorway Mode.

  • Preview and Select AI Artboards

    List of Contents Preview and Select AI Artboards Add Graphic   Preview and Select AI Artboards - When the AI file imported as a graphic has multiple artboards, preview and select the one in need. ...

  • Reset View of 3D/2D Window to Grid Center

    List of Contents Zoom Extents All With Patterns Without Patterns   Zoom Extents All - Maintain the current view and see all Patterns in the 2D or 3D window. - Right click on the 3D window and se...

  • Scale OBJ Trims

    List of Contents Transform OBJ Trims Scale OBJ Dimension   Transform OBJ Trims - Transform OBJ files loaded as trim as needed. - Select the imported OBJ file loaded as trim and select the Scale ...

  • Move Fastened Button/Buttonhole

    List of Contents Move Fastened Button/Buttonhole Move Fastened Button Move Fastened Button and Buttonhole   Move Fastened Button/Buttonhole - Move fastened buttons and buttonholes together at on...

  • Fasten Button

    List of Contents Fasten Button Fastening Buttons and Buttonholes Unfastening Buttons and Buttonholes   Fasten Button - Fasten buttons and buttonholes on 3D Garment. - Select the Fasten Button t...

  • Edit Button Style

    List of Contents Edit Button Style Edit Properties Open/Save Button Style   Edit Button Style - Edit properties for the button style. - Select a button style from the Object Browser ▶ Button Tab...

  • Divide Internal Lines

    List of Contents Divide Internal Line Divide Internal Point Divide Internal Line(Apply)   Divide Internal Line - Divide Internal Lines based on points or segments. - Right click on a point and s...

  • Register Custom OBJ as Buttons

    List of Contents Register Button Add Button   Register Button - Register custom OBJ files as buttons as needed. - Navigate to the Main Menu and select Materials ▶ Button ▶ Register Button.- Or, s...