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  • Pair Avatar for Grading Size

    Objective Add Avatars for each graded size.     Location Object Browser ▶ Grading tab    Operation Click Update on Pair Avatar Tab.→ It appears the same as the items in the Size tab.→ The Avatar i...

  • Edit Curve Point

    List of Contents Add Edit   Objective Add and edit curve points on Pattern outlines and Internal Lines. Location Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Edit Curve Point 2D Toolbar ▶ Edit Curve Point Oper...

  • Create Binding

    Objective  Easily create Binding along Pattern Outlines.  Location Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Binding ▶ Binding3D Toolbar ▶ Binding Operation Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.→ Pattern Outl...

  • Fabric Color

    Objective Set the color of the fabric.    Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Tab ▶ Fabric Item ▶ Color    Operation Follow the indicated guideline below:→ A color window appears.    Refer to the tab...

  • Add & Apply Fabric Style

    List of Contents  Add & Apply Group Setting (ver 7.1)   Objective  Add fabric style and apply it to the garment.   Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Tab   Operation Add & Apply Select the tool/me...

  • Internal Lines over Seamline (ver 7.1)

    Objective  Internal shape over two sewn patterns is divided based on seamline.   Location Main Menu ▶2D pattern ▶ Edit ▶ Edit Pattern 2D Toolbar ▶ Edit Pattern   Operation Select the tool/ menu ...

  • Edit 2D POM

    List of Contents  Move Option   Objective Move Point/Segment or delete POM. Watch Tutorial Video here   Location Main Menu ▶ 2D Pattern ▶ Point of Measure ▶ Edit Point of Measure 2D Toolbar ▶  Ed...

  • Zipper Slider/Stopper Properties

    Objective Set the Zipper Slider and Stopper properties.   Location 3D Toolbar ▶  Select/Move  Operation Select the tool/menu indicated. Select a Zipper or Stopper created on a 3D Garment and mo...

  • Parametric Pattern Creation(ver 7.0)

    Objective Easily create Parametric Patterns by entering specs.  Location Main Menu ▶ Editor ▶ Parametric Pattern Editor  Operation  Select the tool/menu indicated.→ Parametric Pattern Editor Wind...

  • Edit 3D Garment

    List of Contents   Edit Style Line Scale/ Move Style Line Draw Style Line   Objective  Edit 3D garment easily by moving point and line by keeping its shape.   Location3D Tool Bar ▶ Style Line  Edit...