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  • Subsurface Scattering Material

    Objective  Realistically express human skin. Subsurface Scattering Material penetrates and scatters under the objects' surface. Utilize the material to illustrate leaves, fruit, candles and more....

  • 7.1 New Feature List

    New features and improvements for CLO 7.1 are as follows. Click to access the desired manual.   Key Features Texture Generator Auto 3D Arrangement Realistic Zipper Teeth Roll Up Auto Convert to M...

  • Texture Editor

    List of Contents  Run Texture Editor Image Layer Canvas Settings Image Properties Preview Settings Apply Texture Save Texture Image    Objective Express complex graphics by overlaying multiple imag...

  • Edit V-Ray Light Properties

    Objective Configure the light properties for the final render image. Watch Tutorial Video    LocationRender Toolbar ▶  Light Properties ▶ Property Editor  Operation Select the tool/menu indicate...

  • Edit Measure (Avatar) Option

    List of Contents Edit (ver 7.1) Option   Objective Set options for the Measure(Avatar).  Location 3D Toolbar ▶ Edit Measure (Avatar)    Operation Edit (ver 7.1)  Select the tool/menu indicated. ...

  • Register Hair/Shoes

    OBJ production Register   Objective Register the Avatar's Hair/Shoes as an accessory file(ZACS).   Location Main menu ▶ Avatar ▶ Register Hair/Shoes  Operation OBJ production When making OBJ in oth...

  • Pair Avatar for Grading Size

    Objective Add Avatars for each graded size.     Location Object Browser ▶ Grading tab    Operation Click Update on Pair Avatar Tab.→ It appears the same as the items in the Size tab.→ The Avatar i...

  • Create Binding

    Objective  Easily create Binding along Pattern Outlines.  Location Main Menu ▶ Materials ▶ Binding ▶ Binding3D Toolbar ▶ Binding Operation Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.→ Pattern Outl...

  • Fabric Color

    Objective Set the color of the fabric.    Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Tab ▶ Fabric Item ▶ Color    Operation Follow the indicated guideline below:→ A color window appears.    Refer to the tab...

  • Add & Apply Fabric Style

    List of Contents  Add & Apply Group Setting (ver 7.1)   Objective  Add fabric style and apply it to the garment.   Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Tab   Operation Add & Apply Select the tool/me...