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  • Display Setting (ver 2024.0)

    List of Contents 3D 2D Objective  Set the display in 3D and 2D Pattern window.   Operation 3D Option Description Render Quality Render High-quality render is supported in the standard 3D...

  • Parametric Pattern Creation(ver 7.0+)

    Objective Easily create Parametric Patterns by entering specs.  Location Version 7.0 - 2024.0 Main Menu ▶ Editor ▶ Parametric Pattern Editor Version 2024.1+ Main Menu ▶ 2D ▶ Parametric Pattern Edi...

  • Register API Plug-In

    Objective By using CLO API, develop and add customized features to CLO. For example, develop a feature to collect necessary BOM information from a 3D garment produced in CLO. Then, add and use the ...

  • Edit/ Delete Plug-In

    List of Contents Edit Delete   Objective Edit or delete registered APIs.   Location   Main Menu ▶ Settings ▶ User Settings ▶ CLO API   Operation Edit Follow the path indicated below:Main Menu ▶ ...

  • Garment Fit Maps

    Objective Utilize four Garment Fit Maps in the 3D window to check 3D Gament's fit. Location 3D Window ▶ Hover the Mouse Over the 5th Icon Operation Follow the indicated guideline below: 3D Window...

  • Copy/Paste/Replace

    List of Contents Copy Paste Replace   Objective Depending on the user's needs, copy and paste patterns or replace them only in the form of a specific pattern while maintaining the original properti...

  • Run V-Ray Render

    Objective V-Ray Render produces more vivid and sophisticated images with clear seamlines and puckerings. LocationMain Menu ▶ Render ▶ Render  Main Menu ▶ Display ▶ Window ▶ Render Operation Selec...

  • Alvanon Avatar (AVAC) Open

    Objective Load purchased certified Alvanon Avatar into CLO.   📝 Note: To successfully load an Alvanon Avatar, it must go through a certification process. Loading an avatar without certification wil...

  • Trim Style

    List of Contents Add & Apply Copy & Delete Properties & Options   Objective Manage Trim as a style in the Object Browser.   Location Object Browser ▶ Trim Tab    Operation Add & Apply Select the ...

  • Open/Save Fabric File

    Objective Save a frequently used Fabric as a .zfab file or open a saved Fabric file to reuse. Location Object Browser ▶ Fabric Property Editor ▶ Open/Save   Operation General Click the tool/men...